Entratek offers Wallboxes Power Dot Eco and Power Dot Pro for home charging

Norderstedt, November 27, 2020

Entratek offers two AC wallboxes for home charging scenario. With a maximal output power of 11kW, the design of Power Dot is compact and incorporates the most advanced technology. It is compatible with all brands of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the market.
With intelligent control via OCPP 1.6 and internet capability via Wi-Fi, the charger fulfills all requirements for a future-proof smart home. The charging station features one type 2 connector of 5m cable length.
The Wallbox Power Dot Eco has a LED indicator, which informs about the current status of the charging process, while the Wallbox Power Dot Pro has a LED screen and an emergency stop button.
In the future, the charging stations will be available from various wholesalers, electrical installers, online shops and directly from Entratek (for inquiry please send e-mail to info@entratek.de)